Sound Designer Intern

London, England, gb
Humanitarian Operations

As a sound designer, you'll work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, in which you'll be responsible for creating the audio for the project you're working on.

This is used to create an appropriate atmosphere, tempo, and overall effect.Responsibilities As a sound designer, you'll typically need to : · create, update, maintain and add to sample and sound libraries · develop the sound concept for a project and a sound map or storyboard from a script or project description · use digital sound processing (DSP) to manipulate and synthesize sound and music · enhance or distort sounds using samplers, synthesizers, and audio plug-ins · mix sounds using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) · use in-game implementation systems · compose and engineer music · assist in post-production by improving sound quality or adding sound over video · record, layer, and produce sounds and sound effects for the desired impact · spot, arrange, and edit audio into video or other delivery mechanisms.

  • use various different sound implementation systems such as Wwise, FMOD, Unity QualificationsFoundation degrees and honors degrees in subjects including : Alongside any academic qualifications, it's essential that you have a portfolio and relevant work experience.

Desired Skills · a love of and curiosity for sound · the ability to research and pitch your ideas to senior colleagues · an understanding of how sound works alongside other elements, including set, lighting, moving image, or an interactive virtual world · the ability to record in a studio and on location · troubleshooting and problem-solving know-how · abilities in a range of post-production skills, including editing and mastering · competency using STEAM as a games creation platform · an understanding of equipment set up and calibration · a broad understanding of the structure of films or games, if employed in one of these areas · time-management and organizational skills to meet delivery specifications and deadlines · fluency in MMOD and / or Wwise as interactive audio solutions for a range of media · knowledge of scripting systems for games · proficiency using live sound production audio systems for theatre · competency in the use of Max MSP and Pure data for music composition and multimedia programming · sound knowledge of software, such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, and Cool Edit Pro · knowledge of game engines, such as Unreal and Unity.

You need to be based in the Greater London area.

Unfortunately, we are not evaluating if you are currently living outside the Greater London area. Who are we? Humanitarian Operations (HOPE) started as a First Responder Disaster Relief Agency’ on September 1st, 2004, when the Bahamian Government became overwhelmed by the disaster and destruction caused by Hurricane Frances.

The team has operated and provided much-needed assistance in every major disaster location since its formation, including the Haitian Earthquake, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the floods in India.

  • It is impossible to quantify the number of lives that have been saved. Humanitarian Operations is now branching into our second mission;

to eradicate educational inequality.

We aim to make education widely available to every child in the world, regardless of their background or location, and without prejudice.

We are growing our team and looking for like-minded individuals to bring their skills to push our mission forward.

We value teamwork, honesty, and flexibility in the workplace, and creating an environment for each individual to flourish is of the utmost importance to us.

What it’s like to work at HOPE? At Humanitarian Operations, we do things a little differently.

We are done with corporate hierarchies and work in an agile, start-up, fashion.

  • We celebrate everyone’s individuality and ideas as exactly what they are; valuable! There are no stupid questions’ or ’wrong answers’;

all opinions matter. We offer creative autonomy in each role and take a collaborative approach to solve problems.

We don’t believe in micro-management we believe in supporting each individual to reach their best potential and finding the most efficient and innovative solutions.

HOPE is not just a place of work.

It is a place of growth, learning, and development.

We are co-creating a new world and having fun whilst doing it.

We want to challenge everyone in positive and creative ways every day so we can all evolve together.

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